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How-to Guide on Lawn Aeration and its Benefits

Are you interested in learning how to aerate your lawn? If you’ve heard of lawn aeration as a lawn care best practice but are confused about the best way to go about it, this guide is for you.  The ideal time to aerate your lawn in Houston, Texas The ideal time for lawn aeration in [...]


Texas Lawn Fertilizer Guide by Season

How often should you fertilize your lawn in Texas? Homeowners should do lawn fertilization for Texas lawns twice a season. Regularly scheduled lawn fertilization helps soil receive the nutrients it needs to grow strong, green, healthy grass year-round. Below we have created a Texas Lawn Fertilizer Guide with tips and answers about how to care [...]

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Winter Lawn Care In Houston, Texas

As the caretakers of Houston’s best lawns, we get many questions once winter rolls around: should I seed my lawn in the winter? What do I need to know about winter lawn fertilization? Do I need to take steps for weed control in the winter? To answer these questions and keep Houston landscapes lush, [...]

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Is that Crabgrass, Fescue or Quackgrass?

In this post, we discuss the differences between Crabgrass, Fescue, and Quackgrass, and ways to control them. These weed grasses are often misidentified and if you want to perform the right kind of weed control, it helps to know which type you're trying to remove. For additional information, please visit our crabgrass prevention page or [...]

What Are the Benefits of Lawn Fertilization?

In this post, we discuss the main benefits of lawn fertilization so that you can understand how regular and well-planned fertilization can help transform your lawn beyond expectations. Some people are almost obsessive about their lawns, working hard to maintain a lawn care program, fight weeds, and mowing their lawn with precision. Others take a [...]

Five Common Lawn Care Myths You Might Believe

In this post, we'll address the most common lawn care myths that are often repeated but not actually true. It's common for us to encounter people who have heard bad advice about lawn care. Sometimes they have often repeated myths and other times people just make assumptions that aren't actually true. We love healthy [...]

Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping

You may hear the words lawn care and landscaping used interchangeably. You may even think they mean the same thing, but they are actually two distinct areas in the industry. Read on to learn more about the differences in lawn care and landscaping. If you need help with your lawn care in the Houston [...]

Droughts: Lawn Care & Maintenance

In the face of one of the worst droughts in over 50 years, homeowners are facing a national epidemic. Watching your grass dry out in front of your eyes can be very disheartening. However, knowing the correct precautions to take can ultimately impact the outcome of your lawn for the short term, and potentially [...]

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3 Simple Lawn Care Tips For Your Summer Lawn

In the spring, the emphasis is on fertilization and weed control to restore a lawn’s health and color after the winter months. Spring has the perfect temperature for grass to grow and enough rainfall but when summer hits, the temperatures rise and the rain in some areas becomes less frequent. There are two main [...]