Green Bee FAQ

Welcome to Green Bee FAQ! Here you can find our service base questions and general questions about Green Bee Lawn Care. If your question isn’t on here, please contact us here to ask us.

Why do I need tree and shrub care?2021-01-11T09:20:08-06:00

Trees and shrubs need nutrients, so by adding fertilizer to your landscape you can see a difference in flowering, size of leave and color. If you want a beautiful display of tree and shrubs, having Green Bee Lawn Care take care of that helps to make bigger, stronger, and prettier tree and shrubs.

When should you apply insect killer to your lawn?2021-01-11T09:20:17-06:00

Insect killer should be applied preventatively beginning in late spring and continue till mid fall. Additionally any time damaging insects are observed insecticides should be applied.

How long does lawn fertilizer last once applied?2021-01-08T14:40:25-06:00

Fertilizers come in two varieties quick release and slow release quick release fertilizer release all of the nutrients once applied. The lawn tends to run through this food source in a couple of weeks making it great for a quick green up but suboptimal for consistent health of the lawn. Slow release fertilizers continue to feed the lawn for a longer period of time as the nutrients are slowly released. This will feed the lawn for up to six weeks and provides a much healthier food source for the lawn.

What are your hours?2021-01-11T09:20:32-06:00

Green Bee Lawn Care is open Monday – friday from 9am – 5pm. We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

How long after lawn aeration should seeding start?2021-01-08T14:30:49-06:00

The holes from aeration provide a proper environment for seeds to germinate. You want all your grass seeds to germinate and seeding right after aeration can greatly improve your chances. This includes 24-48 hours.

When should you apply lawn fertilizer?2021-01-08T14:30:54-06:00

The lawn is a living thing so it need to be fed on a regular basis. As such, lawns need fertilizer consistently throughout their growing season from late February till December before dormancy. During this time a feeding schedule of every 6 weeks or so is optimal to promote a healthy lawn.