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Green Bee FAQ

Welcome to Green Bee FAQ! Here you can find our service base questions and general questions about Green Bee Lawn Care. If your question isn’t on here, please contact us here to ask us.

Do you charge for visits between services?2021-08-24T09:11:21-05:00

No, our service calls are free!

How long does it take to see results?2021-08-24T09:09:16-05:00

This depends on the condition of the lawn, it generally takes longer to get grass to fill into thin, bare areas than it does to get weeds out of the lawn but as we do service you will see progress!

Do you trim trees?2021-08-24T09:08:15-05:00

No, unfortunately, we do not offer a tree trimming service, but we can help to feed them and keep them protected from insects and disease with our Tree and Shrub Care service.

Are your lawn care services safe for my pet?2021-08-24T09:06:51-05:00

Yes, all products we use are pet-friendly.

Do I have to be home for the service to be completed?2021-08-24T09:04:02-05:00

No, as long as we have access to the yard we are able to complete the service and will leave a detailed description of the services at the door after the treatment is completed.

How often are you out for lawn service?2021-08-24T09:02:42-05:00

We are out every 4-6 weeks to treat the lawn depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Do you offer lawn mowing services?2021-08-24T08:59:06-05:00

No, we don’t mow lawns, but we can do the things needed to keep the grass green and growing well so that when the mowers come out they are not just mowing down a field of weeds.

What is your service area?2021-05-25T14:55:17-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care proudly serves customers in Houston, Texas and the suburbs to the west, northwest, north, and south. If you are a little outside our highlighted service area, contact us to verify if we provide lawn care service in your area.

What’s included in your lawn care program?2021-05-25T14:54:45-05:00

Green Bee’s 8-step lawn care program includes 8 different lawn treatments and weed control, performed throughout the year. These treatments are specifically designed based on the season, and are custom formulated to deliver the proper balance of nutrients necessary to keep your lawn green, healthy, and properly fed all season long. 

What sets you apart from other lawn care companies?2021-05-25T14:54:16-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care’s founding principles include a dedication to delivering quality lawn service and achieving complete customer satisfaction. Since 2011, we have grown our business by offering consistent service at the same affordable prices. Additionally, our organic-based fertilizer contains no unnecessary chemicals, making it safe for people and pets. With our quality products, and extra attention to achieving the best possible results, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Where can I read what your customers are saying about Green Bee Lawn Care?2021-05-25T14:53:46-05:00

We have a page on our website that is dedicated to displaying customer testimonials. Feel free to browse through them on our Lawn Care Testimonials page. (

How long have you been in business?2021-05-25T14:53:18-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care has been proudly serving customers in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas since 2011.

Is your company licensed and insured?2021-05-25T14:52:37-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care is a fully licensed and insured lawn care company. Additionally, our technicians are licensed by the state, so customers can rest assured knowing that they’re in great hands with Green Bee Lawn Care.

How do I spot lawn diseases?2021-05-25T14:51:29-05:00

Most lawn diseases are caused by a fungus that lives off of your grass. It shows up as spots, circles, or dry patches in colors that range from yellow, brown, or red. Texas lawns are usually only affected by a few diseases, brown spot being the most common. Figuring out what symptoms your lawn is showing will help you and your lawn care professional diagnose the problem and find a cure!

When does mosquito season end?2021-05-25T14:50:55-05:00

Texas’ warm and humid climate makes for a longer than average mosquito season in this area. Mosquito season normally runs from late February through October, with April and September being the peak months.

What is lawn aeration?2021-05-25T14:50:28-05:00

Lawn aeration is a process that creates small holes in the soil, so oxygen, fertilizers, and water can penetrate deeper into the root system. This process makes grass stronger and more resistant to weeds and diseases.

When to apply lawn insect control?2021-05-25T14:49:59-05:00

Houston, Texas lawns are most at risk for insect infestation in the spring and summer. As part of our lawn care program, Green Bee Lawn Care treats insects both seasons to prevent infestations. Our insect treatments are effective because of our preventative approach to insect control, which eliminates potential issues before they arise.

How do I prevent sod web worms in my lawn?2021-05-25T14:49:27-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care approaches sod webworm prevention differently. Rather than treating for sod webworms once the problem has already started, we work to prevent your lawn from getting infected in the first place. We use a high-tech, non-toxic insecticide that only needs to be applied twice per year, once in April and again in July. Our applications are safe for children and pets, and are guaranteed to last 90 days, leaving your lawn free from sod webworms all season long.

How do I treat lawn fungus disease?2021-05-25T14:48:47-05:00

Most lawn diseases are caused by a fungus that lives off of your grass. Lawns in Texas are usually only affected by a few diseases, and figuring out what symptoms your lawn is showing will help you and your lawn care professional diagnose the problem. There’s no one reason disease and fungus develops, and there could be several causes such as overwatering, the type of fertilizer you’re using, or the height that your lawn is mowed.

How do I get rid of fire ants?2021-05-25T14:46:15-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care’s fire ant protection service allows you to enjoy your yard again. A licensed professional will visit your home, assess your lawn, identify the source of the fire ant infestation, and spot treat with a powder applied directly to any active fire ant mounds in your lawn.

How do I get rid of lawn insects?2021-05-25T14:45:11-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care manages insects in your yard, so that you can enjoy your lawn worry-free. We preventatively apply insecticide during each round of our lawn care program at no extra charge to our valued customers. Our standard insect control treatments include granular insecticides applied by a spreader, and liquid insecticides jetted into the lawn. These applications begin in late spring and continue through the summer.

How do I control weeds in my lawn?2021-05-25T14:45:33-05:00

The key to weed control and prevention is to take care of your lawn’s overall health. A healthy lawn naturally prevents weed growth, because the thick grass root system helps kill unwanted weeds before they can grow. A strong root system, developed through proper fertilization and adequate watering, can dramatically limit the frequency and amount of weed development.

How to get rid of mosquitoes?2021-05-25T14:42:50-05:00

At Green Bee Lawn Care, we use In2Care® mosquito traps to combat mosquitoes around your home and lawn. Our mosquito traps effectively control mosquitos in an environmentally friendly way, without the use of excess chemicals. Our traps provide 24 hour-a-day protection, are safe for your pets, and do not target plants or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies.

Does my lawn need to be aerated? How often?2021-04-12T12:22:46-05:00

Aeration is necessary when the soil in your yard is overly compacted, blocking the normal transfer of water and nutrients to the roots of grass, shrubs, or trees. If your yard has patches of bare soil, or areas where vegetation struggles to grow, this is a sign that it’s time for an aeration treatment. How often you should aerate your yard depends on the soil conditions. Lawns with heavy, clay soil should consider aerating yearly, while lawns with sandier soils may only require aeration every other year.

How can I get grass to grow under trees?2021-04-12T12:19:11-05:00

Healthy grass requires light, air, water, and nutrients. Trees, tree roots, shrubs, and buildings that shade your yard can prevent your lawn from getting the necessary nutrients. Allow more light to reach your grass by trimming trees and shrubs. Increase mowing height to allow your grass to capture more sun, and to promote a stronger grass root system. Limit the amount of foot traffic in the problem area. Monitor the condition of your lawn closely, and adjust irrigation and fertilizer schedules as needed to help any trouble spots.

How often should I water my lawn?2021-04-12T12:20:30-05:00

It’s best to water your lawn three times per week, in the morning time before it gets hot. Start by watering each zone for approximately 30 minutes, and adjust as needed depending on the soil condition of your lawn. The goal is to have the water soak into the soil and be absorbed, rather than evaporating in hot or windy conditions.

Are your lawn care products safe?2021-04-12T12:21:12-05:00

The products we apply are safe and effective. Our organic-based fertilizer prevents turf burn in the summer and contains no unnecessary chemicals, making it safe for people and pets. Our technicians find the weeds in your lawn and spray them with a selective herbicide that is safe for your grass but kills weeds within 7 to 10 days.

Why do I need tree and shrub care?2021-01-11T09:20:08-06:00

Trees and shrubs need nutrients, so by adding fertilizer to your landscape you can see a difference in flowering, size of leave and color. If you want a beautiful display of tree and shrubs, having Green Bee Lawn Care take care of that helps to make bigger, stronger, and prettier tree and shrubs.

When should you apply insect killer to your lawn?2021-04-12T12:30:24-05:00

Insect killer should be applied preventatively beginning in late spring and continue until mid-fall. Additionally, any time damaging insects are observed insecticides should be applied.

How long does lawn fertilizer last once applied?2021-04-12T12:30:55-05:00

Fertilizers come in two varieties quick release and slow release quick release fertilizer release all the nutrients once applied. The lawn tends to run through this food source in a couple of weeks making it great for a quick green up but suboptimal for consistent health of the lawn. Slow release fertilizers continue to feed the lawn for a longer period of time as the nutrients are slowly released. This will feed the lawn for up to six weeks and provides a much healthier food source for the lawn.

What are your business hours?2021-04-12T12:31:27-05:00

Green Bee Lawn Care is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

How long after lawn aeration should seeding start?2021-01-08T14:30:49-06:00

The holes from aeration provide a proper environment for seeds to germinate. You want all your grass seeds to germinate and seeding right after aeration can greatly improve your chances. This includes 24-48 hours.

When should you apply lawn fertilizer?2021-04-12T12:32:53-05:00

The lawn is a living thing, so it needs to be fed on a regular basis. As such, lawns need fertilizer consistently throughout their growing season from late February until December before dormancy. During this time, a feeding schedule of every 6 weeks or so is optimal to promote a healthy lawn.