As the caretakers of Houston’s best lawns, we get many questions once winter rolls around: should I seed my lawn in the winter? What do I need to know about winter lawn fertilization? Do I need to take steps for weed control in the winter?

To answer these questions and keep Houston landscapes lush, Green Bee Lawn Care has put together this helpful guide to caring for the lawn in the winter.

What You Should Know About Winter Lawn Maintenance in Texas

 Winter lawn maintenance in Texas is a crucial step to keeping one’s lawn healthy and green during the spring and summer. Knowing how to prepare the lawn for winter ensures the yard will be an outdoor sanctuary all year long – BBQ’s are tastier, lawn games are more fun, and dogs are happier.

6 Steps for Winter Lawn Treatment

    1. Keep Watering The Lawn

      Since we don’t get much snow in Houston, it’s important to keep watering the lawn to provide the moisture needed to remain healthy through the winter.

    2. Gradually Mow The Lawn Shorter

      To avoid shocking the lawn by mowing it short when winter hits, start cutting it shorter each time you mow. Beginning this process in the late summer or fall will ensure the lawn has time to adjust to the colder weather.

    3. Keep The Lawn Clear

      While summer may be over, there’s still a lot of work to do to keep the lawn happy and healthy during the winter. Here in Houston, winter presents its own set of challenges for caring for a lawn.

      The grass will experience higher stress during the winter months due to lower moisture and colder temperatures. Relieving the strain on the lawn during the winter will make it easier to revive when spring comes. Furthermore, keeping high foot traffic and debris off the lawn can ensure the grass has room to continue growing, albeit slowly, all winter long. This debris includes hoses, bikes, and even leaves. 

    4. Fertilize The Lawn

      Because the soil loses nutrients during the summer, it’s essential to replenish them over the winter. It’s best to take steps for winter lawn fertilization before the first frost to lock in the nutrients when the ground freezes.

    5. Overseed The Lawn

      As temperatures drop, the threat of weeds and diseases rises for one’s lawn. Overseeding in the fall can help protect it from becoming susceptible to these threats by creating a more robust turf. 

      Giving the lawn the care and nutrients it needs during the winter can ensure a healthy revival during the spring. 

    6. Aerate The Lawn

      Winter lawn aeration revives the soil and lawn. So make sure to take this step in late fall, before the ground freezes, to avoid adding additional stress to the lawn.

How Do I Get Rid of Winter Lawn Weeds in Texas? 

Winter lawn weed control is a staple in any healthy lawn. Some weeds can take over because they are better able to survive the stress of winter. The most common weeds that Texas homeowners struggle with include chickweed, henbit, annual bluegrass, clover, purple deadnettle, and dallisgrass.  Protecting the lawn from winter weeds can be done in a variety of ways. First, follow the list above to prepare the lawn for winter with overseeding, aeration, and fertilization. Next, use a selective herbicide to tackle winter lawn weeds. Green Bee uses safe and effective weed control and prevention for Texas lawns to ensure vibrant, healthy lawns in the spring.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Lawn Care for Bermuda Grass

Follow these steps to prepare the lawn for winter and ensure the Bermuda grass stays happy and healthy: 

  •     Continue to water the lawn so that it has enough moisture to sustain the winter
  •     Aerate the soil to encourage oxygen and nutrient growth
  •     Mow the lawn shorter gradually towards the colder months to avoid shocking the lawn
  •     Fertilize the lawn to give it the extra nutrients it needs to survive the winter
  •     Apply herbicides to protect the lawn from hearty weeds during the vulnerable months of winter

Winter lawn care is an important step that homeowners can take to ensure a healthy and vibrant summer lawn. While it appears that the lawn is lying dormant over the winter, there are crucial nutrients and care it needs to provide homeowners with the landscape for their summer activities. 

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