Tree & Shrub Care Program

Fully matured trees on your property can add beauty, shade, and value to your yard and home. However, like all living things, trees need proper care to mature and thrive.

Our Tree & Shrub Care Program includes control of:

Scale Prevention, Aphids, Bagworms, Leaf Beetles, Spider Mites, Sawfly, Apple Scab, Blight and more.

Many aphids, beetles, spider mites, and other insects can attack and damage a tree very quickly if left untreated. While these insects will not likely kill a tree, they can cause severe stress and reduce the tree’s ability to fight adverse conditions such as drought and extreme heat.

Tree & Shrub Care Services and Protection

Adding fertilizer to your trees will also give them the protection they need against potential disease and insects. Trees should be fertilized throughout the year with high nitrogen (N) based fertilizers applied during the early spring and summer months. It is also suggested to apply several light applications in between. Ultimately, a healthy tree can fight off disease and severe conditions so that it can grow to add beauty and shade to your property and flourish to its greatest potential.

Just like all living things trees and shrubs need nutrients. By adding fertilizer to your landscape you can see a difference in flowering, size of leaves and color.

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Tree Injection

Tree & Shrub Care Program

Listed below is our Tree & Shrub care plan to keep your landscape looking great:

This mid winter application of dormant oil coats your trees and shrubs, preventing scale and other insect eggs from being able to hatch.

This application is an injection of a specially formulated fertilizer directly into the root system of your trees and shrubs. The benefit of this application is a healthier and stronger landscape.

This spring application is a combination of multiple products to ensure the health of your landscape through the blooming stage of spring.

Prevent damaging insects from populating your landscape plants with our insecticide, miticide, and fungicide application.

Control infestation of mature leaf-eating insects and mites as they attempt to prey on your landscape with our application of multiple products.

This application is an injection of our special fertilizer directly into the root system of your trees and shrubs. The benefit of this application is a healthier and stronger landscape the following season.

Exterior Pest Control Treatment & Prevention

Exterior Pest Control is included in our Tree & Shrub Program.

  • 360° Perimeter Application – 3 Feet Up & 3 Feet Away Around Your Home
  • Lawn & Shrub Insecticide Treatment – Prevent Lawn & Shrub Insects!
  • We treat for Beetles, Silverfish, Millipedes, Crickets and Spiders

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