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Sod Webworm Prevention Application

Summer means many things in Houston and the surrounding areas, like enjoying your backyard with lawn games, gardening, BBQs, and sunshine.

Unfortunately, it can also mean sod webworms are laying their eggs for an infestation in your yard. When sod webworms infest your lawn, they slowly turn your lawn into a dry, brown patch.

what is a sod webworm Sod Webworm Treatment Green Bee Lawn Care What is a Sod Webworm?

Sod webworms, also known as lawn moths, are insects that can take over your lawn quickly. In fact, it is common for half of a lawn to turn into an ugly brown patch in a single weekend.

While adult webworms are not considered harmful to your lawn, their larvae can damage it quite quickly and significantly. This fact is especially true for hot and humid climates like Houston! The larvae feed on the stems of the grass, slowly turning it brown and dry.

How Can I Tell If My Lawn Has Sod Webworm Damage?

Green Bee offers a free sod webworm control diagnosis for your lawn. However, homeowners can also recognize the signs readily. Brown patches in your lawn that continue to expand may be a sign of a sod webworm infestation.

The most common sign of a sod webworm infestation is moth activity. When you walk through your grass, you may see hundreds of moths begin to fly around. A closer look may reveal webbing, larvae, or other insect activity in your soil and grass.

It is possible to mistake sod webworm damage in your lawn for dry grass in the summer months. Whatever the problem your lawn may be facing, Green Bee can verify the exact issue. We’ll find the perfect solution for a green, healthy lawn through our wide range of lawn care services.

Green Bee has been a trusted local lawn care expert in Houston and the surrounding areas for over 10 years – and counting. Not only can we create a beautiful lawn to host your summer activities and favorite memories, but we can also keep it sod webworm-free with our new sod webworm treatment application.

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What’s Included in a Sod Webworm Control Application?

Green Bee is breaking the mold with our revolutionary sod webworm prevention application. Most lawn care companies only treat sod webworms once the problem has already started. However, Green Bee prevents your lawn from getting infected in the first place.

Green Bee approaches sod webworm prevention differently: we use a high-tech, non-toxic insecticide that only needs to be applied twice per year – once in April and again in July.

Each application is guaranteed to last 90 days, leaving your lawn free from sod webworms all season long. Our applications are safe for children and pets, and homeowners can continue to use their lawns all summer long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent sod webworms?

Green Bee offers a new lawn care program that prevents sod webworms from settling in your yard and causing damage to the grass. During our application process, we apply a non-toxic insecticide to your lawn in April and July.

This application prevents sod webworms from laying eggs that hatch in your lawn and begin eating the blades of grass.

What does sod webworm damage look like?

A sod webworm infestation creates dry brown patches in your yard. In fact, it’s common for sod webworm damage to be mistaken for dry, thirsty grass in the hot summer months.

Green Bee offers a free lawn diagnosis to ensure that we use the right lawn care service to create your perfect backyard.

Are sod webworms common in Houston?

Yes – the hot weather and abundance of lawns attract webworms to backyards in Houston. Preventing sod webworms from infesting your lawn is as easy as calling Green Bee Lawn Care at (832) 678-5900!

Can my lawn recover from sod webworm damage?

Yes! Luckily, sod webworms only feed on the blades of grass and do not damage the root system. Having a sod webworm treatment in Houston performed means preventing their eggs from hatching and eating down your lawn further.

Once the sod webworm treatment is applied, your grass can begin recovering and regrowing.

Do sod webworms feed on other plants and foliage in my yard?

No, sod webworm larvae only feed on blades of turfgrass. You may see moth activity in other areas of your yard.

But, fear not: the adult (nonharmful) moths are merely seeking some shade from the heat. Sod webworms are not a risk to other plants in your yard or garden.

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