Mid-Summer Lawn Care – Round 5 Application

As the summer carries on, it becomes more important that the fertilizer used is an organic-based summer blend with the proper nutrients to fight off the effects of heat stress. The nutrients in organic fertilizers keep lawns healthy during droughts and extreme heat by protecting the root system from its effects.

Mid Summer Lawn Care

This is the purpose of the Green Bee Lawn Care Round Five mid-summer lawn treatment.

Our special liquid application of fertilizer will continue to promote growth and color. We also apply a fungicide to protect your lawn against fungi such as brown patch and weed control to control broadleaf weeds. Fertilization at the right time will help to develop strong roots and and overall plant health, which means less damage from disease.

The mid to late summer months are usually the hottest and driest months which is why it is crucial to the health of the lawn to continue to apply organic fertilizer to maximize the effectiveness of nutrients in the soil and retain moisture to reduce the chance of a drought.

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Fungicide & Weed Control

Weed control applications should also continue late into the summer because weeds have the potential to grow in any season. By continuing with effective weed control, weed growth can be prevented in the final months of the season.

The addition of fungicide to prevent infestations from pests such as chinch bugs which typically infest lawns in the hottest, driest months of the summer is now essential.

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