Lawn Aeration For Healthy, Green Grass

Lawn aeration helps your grass and the soil underneath breathe and get the nutrients it needs.

Green Bee’s lawn aeration service builds strong grass roots that withstand the Houston climate.

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Lawn Aeration Service

Green Bee Lawn Care provides a lawn aeration service to make it easier for nutrients and oxygen to reach grass roots. Lawn core aeration strengthens roots and stimulates new growth.

In Houston, Texas, we have gumbo soil that has a lot of clay in it. This clay creates conditions that allow for compaction to develop over the year.

This compaction of soil inhibits growing conditions for lawns and deteriorates the health of lawns over time.

That’s why we recommend aerating your lawn once to twice a year to combat the compaction that develops. This service is available in the spring or fall.

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Compacted Soil Ready For Lawn Aeration

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Our Lawn Aeration Process

Our lawn aeration process aims to create small holes in the soil, so oxygen, fertilizers, and water penetrate deeper into the root system, called core lawn aeration. This process makes grass stronger and more resistant to weeds and diseases.

We aerate lawns in the following six steps:

  • Our team marks off the heads of sprinkler systems to avoid accidental damage.
  • We use a commercial-grade, gas-powered aerator to quickly and gently create pockets in the lawn to allow for better airflow.
  • Our technicians make overlapping passes to maximize the effectiveness of the lawn aerator’s performance.
  • The aerator pulls out grass plugs to expose the soil to the sun and air, loosen compaction, and clear thatch.
  • We leave the grass plugs, as they have beneficial nutrients for the lawn. They will break down and return to the soil within a few weeks.
  • Once the service is complete, we will leave paperwork at your door detailing the work we’ve done.
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Lawn Core Aeration During Service

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Our team performs lawn fertilization services for participants in our eight-step lawn care program in the weeks after our lawn aeration service.

Combine our lawn aeration service and lawn care program to get the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted, worry-free.

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Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Houston

  • Aerating your lawn helps the grass breathe, as it gets more oxygen and sunlight, creating longer and stronger grassroots.
  • Compacted lawn soil makes it harder for nutrients to reach the roots. With aeration, this compaction loosens, allowing for better nutrient absorption.
  • Lawn Core Aeration can also prevent thatch. Thatch is made up of lawn debris such as dead roots and lawn clippings, which can suffocate the grass.
  • Lawn aeration in Houston can help prevent bugs and disease from killing grass. When roots cannot get necessary nutrients, they cannot withstand temperature changes and maintain long-term good health. This weakness can create a breeding ground for pests and leave the lawn susceptible to disease.
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Lawn Core Aeration During Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to aerate my lawn?

When your lawn is packed too tightly, roots may not sprout properly, and moisture cannot reach them. Airflow and sunlight are vital to grass growth, and without them, growing is difficult.

Aeration breathes new life into compacted soil, allowing it to receive the nutrients it needs. It also clears thatch, which is a harmful buildup that can ruin lawns and invite pests.

When to aerate your lawn in Houston?

Late spring is the growing season for grass and the best time for lawn aeration in Houston, Texas. Aeration will ensure a healthy root system for your grass.

How long after aeration can I seed?

The holes from aeration services provide a proper environment for seeds to germinate. You want all your grass seeds to germinate, and seeding right after aeration can greatly improve your chances.

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Our Reviews

Had a wonderful experience working with Green Bee very professional and friendly. I can tell the difference in my grass after the first service in just two weeks. My weeds are gone and my grass is thicker and looks healthy. Prices are reasonable and paying is convenient.


Our lawn has never looked as good as it does now! We’ve used Green Bee for 3 years and couldn’t be happier. The office staff calls us the day before service takes place so that we’re expecting them. The technicians are professional and thorough. Robert L. was the most recent technician and he was excellent. I highly recommend Green Bee for a healthy, weed-free lawn!

Jim Cook

Green Bee Lawn Care is awesome! I have been a customer for many years, and am completely happy with their expertise, knowledge, professionalism, care, and friendliness. Their prices are reasonable, their employees are responsive, caring, and dependable. I highly recommend Green Bee Lawn Care!!

Mark Lynn

Green Bee managed to bring my lawn back from the dead after our Lawn Mower guys introduced a fungus to it. We lived in Tomball at the time and have since moved closer to Our Business office in Greenspoint. I wasn’t sure if they serviced our area, so we went with another company. I was disappointed in them and did not have the same caliber of service that we had with Green Bee. So, I called Green Bee to see if they service my area and WOOHOO ! ! they do. Edward G. came out and I was so pleased with him and his service. I would recommend Green Bee Lawn Care & Tree Care whole heartedly…..Several Thumbs Up ! ! ! !

Holly Seward

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