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Green Bee’s 8-step lawn care program is specially designed to meet every need of Houston lawns. We’re a local, family operated business that understands Houston’s climate, pests, plants, and more. We only use high quality fertilizer and other lawn care products in our lawn fertilizer program, which means superior, fast results for our customers.

Our lawn fertilization treatment is custom formulated to deliver the proper balance of nutrients that your lawn needs all year round for healthy, plush landscapes all season.

Enjoy a green, healthy lawn this year. Try our lawn care program in Houston today.

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Our Lawn Treatment Service Process

Houston’s lawns need the right balance of year-round care to withstand both snow and extreme heat. Trust the professionals at Green Bee for a hearty, healthy lawn.

Members of our lawn treatment service enjoy:

Round 1: Late Winter Lawn CareLawn Treatment Service Lawn Care Program Green Bee Lawn Care

In the latest stages of winter, the top priority for lawn care is to help it recover from the damage it has sustained through winter, as well as begin pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

We apply slow release fertilizer to help promote growth. Our early application of pre- and post-emergent weed control early will help combat winter weeds and keep your lawn weed-free through the year.

February to early March is typically the best time to begin serious weed and crabgrass control — before these weeds develop and fully mature.

Once weeds and crabgrass start to develop, eliminating them becomes much more difficult. Attacking weeds before they establish themselves in the lawn’s root system is the most effective way to control weeds throughout the season.

Round 2: Early Spring Lawn Care

In the earliest stages of spring the focus is promoting a healthier, natural green lawn while preventing broadleaf weeds from sprouting.

The best lawn care strategies to employ in the first weeks of spring are lawn fertilizer program application and weed control.

We apply a slow-release fertilizer to help promote growth and evenly release it into your lawn, strengthening its root system.

Our early weed control helps keep your lawn free of weeds to make a stronger recovery from winter dormancy.

Insecticide is also included in Round 2 of our lawn treatment service.

Round 3: Late Spring Lawn Care

Late spring is a crucial time for lawn care because it involves taking preventative action against weeds and damaging insects to ensure a healthy lawn into the summer months.

A slow release lawn fertilization application will maintain a uniform growth and color for your healthy lawn. Our exterior pest control protects against surface damaging insects such as chinch bugs.

Spring lawn aeration can also be completed at this time.

Round 4: Early Summer Lawn Care

Strengthen your lawn against heat and drought with our slow-release fertilizer. In round 4, Green Bee also continues to protect your lawn against damaging insects with insecticide applications.

We keep your lawn hearty in the heat of the summer by including Broadleaf weed control.

Round 5: Mid Summer Lawn Care

Combat summer heat stress, lawn disease and fungi such as brown patches. Our special lawn fertilizer program is a liquid application that supplies nutrients necessary for plant development and color, as well as continued protection against the dry, hot weather of the summer months.

These fertilizers work by activating existing nutrients in the soil and help the soil retain moisture to prevent topsoil erosion and heat stress. Organic summer blends release nutrients slowly for consistent growth.

Fungicide and weed control included in this round of lawn treatment service.

Round 6: Late Summer Lawn Care

Green Bee’s late fall care helps your lawn adjust to cooler, drier air, as well as prepare for the winter months ahead.

Protect your lawn from winter weeds such as poa annua grass and maintain winter root stabilization with our specially formulated fertilizer and winter pre-emergent weed control.

Fall aeration can also be completed at this time to help prepare your lawn for next spring and summer, as well as removing thatch from the lawn’s surface.

Round 7: Early Fall Lawn Care

Maintain a healthier, greener lawn and protect against fungi with a second round of a specially-formulated liquid application for lawn fertilization, weed control and fungicide.

Round 8: Early Winter Lawn Care

In round 8, Green Bee helps your lawn prepare for the cold months of winter. We continue to fight against winter weeds. We use fertilizer that contains higher concentrations of potassium, which helps lawns cope with extreme temperatures and optimizes their use of nitrogen. This fertilizer also prevents your grass blades from drying out and cracking during winter.

Our early winter lawn treatment service promotes growth of green sturdy stems and deep roots which are more resistant to cold temperatures.

This lawn treatment also continues to prevent against winter weeds, which helps ensure a full and quick recovery the following spring.

Green Bee Lawn Care
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Frequently Asked Questions

When to apply lawn fertilizer?

Lawns benefit most from fertilizer that is applied consistently throughout their growing season: From late February until December when dormancy occurs. Throughout this cycle, Green Bee recommends a feed schedule of every 6 weeks for a thriving lawn.

How long does lawn fertilizer last once applied?

Fertilizers come in two varieties quick release and slow release. Quick-release fertilizer releases all of the nutrients once applied. The lawn tends to run through this food source in a couple of weeks making it great for a quick green-up, but suboptimal for consistent health of the lawn. Slow-release fertilizers continue to feed the lawn for a longer period of time as the nutrients are slowly released. This will feed the lawn for up to six weeks and provides a much healthier food source for the lawn.

How long after aeration can I seed?

The holes from aeration services provide a proper environment for seeds to germinate. You want all your grass seeds to germinate, and seeding right after aeration can greatly improve your chances.

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