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Experience our eight-step lawn care program and see the difference regular lawn fertilization and weed control make in your lawn. *with a full program for lawns 20,000 square feet or less. Not valid with any other discounts or coupons.

At Green Bee Lawn Care, we use only the highest quality natural manufactured lawn fertilizer. What does that mean for you? High-quality results.

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8 Step Lawn Care Service Program

Our complete 8-step program keeps your lawn green and properly fed all season long.

It has been custom formulated to deliver the proper balance of nutrients that your lawn needs throughout the growing season. Your lawn deserves the best care that you can give it; allow us to bring beauty and health to your landscape.

Recover Your Lawn from winter damage and bring turf out of dormancy. Promote new growth, color and overall good health with our slow release fertilization. Keep out crabgrass and combat winter weeds with pre- and post-emergent . Broadleaf weed control included.

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Promote a healthy and natural green color to your lawn while controlling broadleaf weeds from sprouting with our next round of slow release fertilization and weed control.

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Maintain a uniform growth and color, protect against surface damaging insects such as chinch bugs and continue to control broadleaf weeds.

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Strengthen your lawn against heat and drought with our slow release fertilizer and insecticide to continue protection against damaging insects. Broadleaf weed control is also included.

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Combat summer heat stress, lawn disease and fungi such as brown patch. Our special liquid application supplies nutrients necessary for plant development and color. Fungicide and weed control included.

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Protect your lawn from winter weeds such as poa annua grass and maintain winter root stabilization with our specially formulated fertilizer and winter weed pre-emergent.

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Maintain a healthier & greener lawn and protect against fungi with a second round of a specially formulated liquid application of fertilizer, weed control and fungicide.

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Prevent your grass blades from drying out and cracking during the cooler winter months with a high potassium fertilizer This round of lawn treatment continues to fight against winter weeds.

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FAQs About Lawn Care

The lawn is a living thing and all living things need to be fed on a regular basis. As such, lawns need fertilizer, their food, consistently throughout their growing season from late February till December before dormancy. During this time a feeding schedule of every 6 weeks or so is optimal to promote a healthy lawn.

Fertilizers come in two varieties quick release and slow release; quick-release fertilizer releases all of the nutrients once applied. The lawn tends to run through this food source in a couple of weeks making it great for a quick green-up but suboptimal for consistent health of the lawn. Slow-release fertilizers continue to feed the lawn for a longer period of time as the nutrients are slowly released. This will feed the lawn for up to six weeks and provides a much healthier food source for the lawn.

Spring is the beginning of the growing season and when we talk about growth with grass we are talking about nitrogen. For this time of the year, we recommend using high nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer for consistent feeding after application.

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