Late Winter Lawn Care – Round 1 Application

Lawn Recovery From Winter

In the latest stages of winter, the top priority for lawn care should be to help it recover from the damage it has sustained through winter and begin pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

This is the purpose of the Green Bee Lawn Care Round One late winter lawn treatment.

Applying slow release fertilizer will help promote growth and effective pre- and post-emergent weed control early will help combat winter weeds and keep your lawn free of weeds through the year.

February to early March is typically the best time to begin serious weed and crabgrass control before they can develop and fully mature. Once weeds and crabgrass start to develop, eliminating them becomes much more difficult.

Attacking them before they establish themselves in the lawn’s root system is the most effective way to control weeds throughout the season.

Early Spring Lawn Care Application

Crabgrass is a weed that grows annually with wide, spreading leaves that can stretch out in diameter up to 12 inches. These plants are capable of producing over 150,000 seeds and they leave behind large areas of dead grass if they are removed after they sprout.

The best way to combat crabgrass is to attack it before it starts to grow with a preventative pre-emergent.

Green Bee applies a spread-on, granular based pre-emergent that creates a barrier in the soil to stop the germination of crabgrass. Applying this pre-emergent in February to early March can be quite effective in preventing crabgrass growth throughout the season.

Green Bee’s crabgrass pre-emergent is included in our lawn care services.

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Weed Control

Our pre-emergent weed control is a blend of selective herbicides that target common weeds but is safe for grass. It will begin to affect existing weeds within 24 hours of the application and help prevent weeds from developing.

It is important that the first weeks of late winter lawn care are dedicated to restoring growth with proper fertilization and beginning to implement weed control before they can become a problem.

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