Late Spring Lawn Care – Round 3 Application

Late spring is a crucial time for lawn care because it involves taking preventative action against weeds and damaging insects to ensure a healthy lawn into the summer months.

This is the goal of the Green Bee Lawn Care Round Three late spring lawn treatment.

Slow release fertilizer application will maintain a uniform growth and color for your healthy lawn. Our exterior pest control protects against surface damaging insects such as chinch bugs.

Spring aeration can also be completed at this time.

Late Spring Lawn Care Application

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Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of removing small plugs of grass and soil in a pattern over the entire lawn to create space for nutrients and water to absorb close to the root.

Nutrients such as oxygen and fertilizers can penetrate below the surface and into the root system in these created spaces to help strengthen it and boost its resistance to the heat of summer.

Another benefit from lawn aeration is that it will remove the buildup of thatch from the lawn’s surface. Thatch consists of dead roots, rhizomes, and lawn clippings that build between the grass and soil and it absorbs moisture and nutrients before they can reach the root system. Having aeration performed on your lawn will remove this layer of thatch as it opens up the soil to receive more nutrients.

Lawn Aeration

Staying On Top Of Damaging Insects

Green Bee’s Lawn Care Program Automatically Includes Insecticide.

Along with the continuation of insecticide, late spring lawn care should continue with slow release fertilizer applications and weed control as well. Taking all of these preventative measures into account before the summer begins is the best way to prepare your lawn for a healthy summer.

Chinch Bug Damage

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