LAwn Care Service

Houston Lawn Care Service


Our expert technicians will work with your lawn to provide a program customized for our weather and soil conditions. Top of the line products come together with time tested science to create the very best service schedule possible for our climate.

We pride ourselves on providing a one stop shop for your lawn care needs including all the essentials to giving you the thickest and strongest lawn free of weeds.

We personalize each one of our 8 treatments done to your lawn with custom blended fertilizers and a wide array of herbicides to get your yard greener and eliminate weeds.

Our service schedule includes insecticide treatments for chinch bugs and other surface damaging insects.

Also included is fungicide treatments to protect your lawn from the ever-present threat we face from brown patch fungus entering the lawn.

Right now, we include fire ant control as well FREE OF CHARGE because no one should have to suffer the pain of getting bitten, be afraid to go into their lawn, or have it feel unsafe when walking in the grass.

Let us show you the difference a family owned local business can make in providing the best results for your yard.


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