Free Lawn Care Service Calls

At Green Bee Lawn Care, we offer free, unlimited service calls to our customers between lawn care applications.  Our lawn care services consist of several scheduled applications of fertilizer and weed control but if there is a problem between the scheduled applications, you can call us and we will send a technician out to remedy the problem free of charge.

Green Bee Lawn Care

We offer these free service calls for the convenience of our customers and to take care of any problems such as weeds, thinning turf patches, or abnormal spots or discoloration that may indicate a disease between applications.  With this service, we can make sure your lawn stays healthy and well maintained even between applications at no extra charge.

*If you just had a Green Bee technician visit your home for an application, please wait 7-10 days before making a service call regarding weeds. We use is a selective, systemic herbicide that causes the weeds to wither and die slowly (7-10 days).

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