Spring lawncare tips
In this post, we’ll address the most common lawn care myths that are often repeated but not actually true.

It’s common for us to encounter people who have heard bad advice about lawn care. Sometimes they have often repeated myths and other times people just make assumptions that aren’t actually true.

We love healthy lawns and want you to have the best grass possible, so we’re going to try to dispell these common myths.

Leaving grass clippings is bad for my lawn

In most cases, this is not true. Grass clippings are made up of 75% or more water. They contain nitrogen and will act as a natural fertilizer, cutting down on the amount you will need to add. They will also help your lawn retain water and promote healthy root growth.

They are not the cause of unhealthy lawn thatch, which is actually created by roots, stems, and rhizomes that don’t decay fast enough.

If I cut my grass short, I won’t have to mow as often

Though this may be factually true that you may add a couple days before you mow next,  you also increase the potential for damaging your lawn.

You may add a few days between mowings, but you also risk damaging the lawn. Shorter grass will grow a shorter root system and become more susceptible to drought. It will also allow more sunlight to reach any weeds, which will grow and expand quickly, crowding out grass.

You should set your mower blade height to only remove one-third of the total grass blade surface at any one time.

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You should water grass daily to get a healthy lawn

More is not always better when it comes to watering your grass. How much water your lawn needs depends on a variety of factors, including the type of grass, temperatures, rainfall and soil type.

It is actually better to water less frequently but to irrigate your lawn more deeply. This helps your grass grow deeper, healthier roots.

I can aerate my lawn with spiked shoes

Green Bee Lawn Care technician walking on grass with spiked shoes for lawn aeration There is lawn aeration shoes available for sale online and at local home stores, but you won’t receive the results you’re looking for from them. The impact they make will cover too small an area and usually not as deeply as recommended.

The best way to aerate a lawn is with a plug aerator. This tool will extract plugs of soil, allowing a deeper aeration and a greater loosening of compacted soil.

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Because I have moles, there must be lawn grubs too

Although moles will eat grubs if they come across them digging and tunneling, they are not generally a major source of food. They prefer hunting and eating earthworms.

A better way to determine if you have grubs is if you see signs of grub damage such as brown patches in the lawn and grass that you can pull up very easily.

Moles do eat grubs if they come across them in their tunneling, but their preferred food is earthworms. The best way to know if you have grubs is to watch for signs of their activity, including brown patches in the lawn and grass that pulls up easily.

A funny note about grub control: those spiked lawn aeration shoes we said didn’t work earlier for aerating will work for killing grubs.

We hope this post helps you take better care of your lawn and get the healthy green turf you desire.



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