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Fire ants don’t have to ruin your beautiful lawn
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Green Bee’s lawn care program keeps your lawn safe and healthy all season long!

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Fire Ant Control

Fire ants don’t have to be part of your spring and summer seasons in the Houston, TX area. As a local, family-owned business, the Green Bee Lawn Care team has extensive knowledge of regional pests and plants.

Our all-inclusive lawn care program is designed specifically for Houston residents to enjoy their best lawn all season long.

As part of our lawn care program, we offer free fire ant spot treatment and preventative methods to keep these pests at bay.

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Is My Yard At Risk For Fire Ants?

Fire ants are the common name for several species of ants in the Genus Solenopsis – an invasive group in the United States. They can be identified by their dull red/copper head and thorax, with a dark abdomen. Fire ants also have stingers and painful bites.

Fire ants like to nest in yards that are open and sunny. Well-maintained yards – regularly mowed and watered – are a fire ant’s favorite place, as well as vegetable gardens, newly planted trees, near buildings, and in cracks in sidewalks.

Don’t wait for these nasty pests to ruin your barbecue.

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When Are Fire Ants A Threat To My Yard?

Fire ants are most active in the spring, summer, and fall months – migrating and building new nests. These nests often spread into many different colonies, making it difficult to extinguish their presence without a professional’s help.

Our Process

Green Bee fire ant protection is a simple process that allows you to enjoy your backyard in no time.

A licensed professional will visit your home, assess your lawn, and identify the source of the fire ant infestation (the fire ant mound).

The technician will spot treat with a powder applied directly to fire ant mounds active in the lawn.

Members of the Green Bee lawn care program enjoy free service calls between visits when needed, as well as free fire ant protection services as part of their overall package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I have fire ants in my yard?

Fire ants can be distinguished by their dark bodies and red heads/thorax. Their bites or stings are painful and produce a burning sensation. Fire ants live in mounds of soil in lawns and are most active after heavy rains.

How to get rid of fire ants?

Fire ant lawn infestations are difficult to treat without professional help because they often have many sources (mounds). Green Bee provides free fire ant spot treatment as part of our overall lawn care program.

Where do fire ants live?

Fire ants are common throughout the United States, with the highest concentrations in southern states, including Texas.

What do fire ants eat?

Fire ants eat both meat and plants, making backyards and homes especially susceptible to infestation.

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