Early Fall Lawn Care – Round 6

Early Fall Lawn Application

As the summer fades into fall, the air becomes colder and drier which means that lawn care practices have to be adjusted to accommodate for the changing weather and to start preparing your lawn for the winter.

Protect your lawn from winter weeds and maintain winter root stabilization with our specially formulated liquid fertilizer and winter weed pre-emergent.

Fall aeration can also be completed at this time if needed to help give you a healthier lawn next spring and summer.

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Fall Aeration

Another benefit from fall lawn aeration is that it will remove the buildup of thatch from the lawn’s surface. Thatch consists of dead roots, rhizomes, and lawn clippings that build between the grass and soil and it absorbs moisture and nutrients before they can reach the root system. Having aeration performed on your lawn will remove this layer of thatch as it opens up the soil to receive more nutrients and seeds.

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