Early Winter Lawn Care – Round 8 Application

Late Fall Lawn Care

Green Bee offers winterizer applications early in the winter to protect your lawn against the harsh elements of the winter for a quicker spring recovery.

As colder weather begins to settle in, the focus of lawn care shifts to preparing the lawn for the winter. This round of lawn care continues to fight against winter weeds and the fertilizer used should contain higher concentrations of potassium which help winterize the lawn.

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Winterizer Application

The main purpose of winterizer applications is to prevent blades of grass from cracking or drying out in cold temperatures.

The potassium in winter applications helps make grasses more tolerant of extreme temperatures and also optimizes the grass’s use of nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for color and the metabolic processes of plants and a lack of potassium in plants can cause discoloration due to dead leaf tissue.

Potassium is responsible for the plant’s use of water which is crucial for color and overall health and good potassium levels promote green sturdy stems and deep roots which are more resistant to cold temperatures. The effects of high potassium winterizing fertilizers will help lawns endure the winter and look green and healthy the following spring.

If you want to give your lawn the best chance for survival in the winter, make sure to apply high potassium fertilizers or inquire about our winterizer applications in our final round of seasonal lawn care.

Taking the proper steps in early winter will help ensure a full, quick recovery the following spring.

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