Early Spring Lawn Care – Round 2 Application

In the earliest stages of spring the focus is promoting a healthier, natural green lawn while preventing broadleaf weeds from sprouting.

This is the purpose of the Green Bee Lawn Care Round Two early spring lawn treatment.

The best lawn care strategy to employ in the first weeks of spring are fertilizer application and weed control.

Applying slow release fertilizer will help promote growth and effective weed control early will help keep your lawn free of weeds to make a stronger recovery.

Insecticide is also included in Round 2.

Early Spring Lawn Care Application

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Spring Fertilizer

The most effective fertilizer to apply in early spring is slow release, high nitrogen granular fertilizer.
Granular fertilizer consists of coated granules that dissolve slowly to release nutrients over time, resulting in steady, even distribution. The granules settle into the soil after the application and begin taking effect within 24 hours.

Granular fertilizer is beneficial because the nature of its release prevents over fertilization and uneven fertilization and it is safe for people and pets immediately after application with no drying time. This fertilizer is ideal for the early spring because it provides necessary nutrients for growth and recovery without shocking the lawn with a full fertilizer application.

Spring Weed Control

In addition to effective fertilization methods, weed control and prevention are also important at the beginning of the season.

Our slow release granular fertilizer and broadleaf weed control promote a strong and healthy root system.

A healthy root system is a lawn’s best natural defense against weed growth and development and the application of slow release fertilizer will help strengthen the root system to effectively fight off weeds all season.

Weed Control and Prevention Services

These early spring methods will contribute to the development of a thick root system which is a lawn’s best natural defense against weeds.

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