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Crabgrass Control and Prevention Services

Crabgrass control is an issue that many homeowners battle in their effort to achieve a healthy, green lawn.

Luckily, our lawn care program has a solution for the Houston area’s crabgrass problems.

Green Bee’s lawn care program prevents and irradicates crabgrass, keeping lawns healthy and strong and looking their best from spring and fall prevention to year-round weed control treatment.

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Our Crabgrass Control Process

Our eight-step lawn care program implements the three following crabgrass treatments to control crabgrass:

  • We apply pre-emergent crabgrass control in the spring to prevent crabgrass from germinating.
  • During each step of our year-round eight-step lawn care program, we perform weed control to treat and remove any crabgrass that has emerged.
  • Apply pre-emergent crabgrass control in the fall to keep crabgrass from sprouting.
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Right now, we are offering a limited-time special! New customers who sign up for our eight-step lawn care program and get one application completely free. Offer applies for lawns 20,000 square feet or less.*

See how beautiful a weed-free lawn can be.


Crabgrass Identification

Accurate crabgrass identification and reliable crabgrass control services can rid your lawn of this hideous weed. So, how can you tell if crabgrass is invading your lawn?

green bee lawn care crabgrass control servicesCrabgrass is an annual weed with a long germination period. It grows anytime between late spring and early fall and is most commonly seen in the summer. Our treatment takes place in the spring and fall to control crabgrass during its peak season.

This weed has wide, spread-out stems and leaves that lay flat to the ground and point outward. It ranges in size, with the crabgrass flowers being the most recognizable due to their long, thin spires.

This plant grows fast and causes grass to become patchy. Once grass becomes patchy, crabgrass can easily take up even more space, leaving it to spread through the lawn quickly.

Not only is crabgrass difficult to control once it has sprouted, but it also leaves large dead areas on the lawn, which become hotspots for regrowth the following year.

The best way to treat crabgrass is to prevent it. Green Bee can help you protect your lawn from unsightly weeds.


Frequently Asked Questions About Crabgrass

How to stop crabgrass from spreading?

You can start by pulling crabgrass from vulnerable areas like on the side of driveways or spraying the weeds if there are too many.

The best way to stop crabgrass from spreading is to eliminate the plant altogether, so call Green Bee for gentle yet effective removal.

When does crabgrass stop growing?

The best way to stop crabgrass from growing is by having a healthy lawn. Having healthy grass will make it difficult for crabgrass to grow. A healthy lawn includes lawn maintenance with regular fertilization.

When to apply pre-emergent in Houston?

You should be using pre-emergent herbicides when your lawn is sprouting crabgrass. This growth happens in the fall and springtime. Please follow directions and use pre-emergent herbicides when it is 60 degrees or above.

For best results, call in the professionals! Green Bee is here to help.

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