In this post, we discuss the main benefits of lawn fertilization so that you can understand how regular and well-planned fertilization can help transform your lawn beyond expectations.

Some people are almost obsessive about their lawns, working hard to maintain a lawn care program, fight weeds, and mowing their lawn with precision.

Others take a more “let nature take it’s course” kind of view of their lawn. They may try and care for their lawn by keeping it clean and mowed but don’t take any extra steps such as doing lawn fertilization.

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If you are the type of person who doesn’t fertilize their lawn, you may be wondering what is the big deal with fertilizing.

Do you really need to fertilize your lawn? What are the benefits of lawn fertilization and is it worth it?

Let’s discuss…

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

  • Naperville Home LandscapingRegular fertilization will keep your lawn healthier and better looking.
  • You will have grass that is fuller, healthier and greener.
  • A fertilized lawn can recover from activity and wear from usage.
  • Your neighbors will appreciate your healthy lawn.
  • A healthy lawn increases your home value.
  • Your lawn’s roots will grow stronger.
  • A healthy, well-fertilized lawn can fight off weeds.
  • Your fertilized lawn can better survive drought and heat.
  • A healthy lawn can fight of lawn diseases and fungus.
  • Neighborhoods with well-maintained landscapes have lower crime.
  • You will gain great satisfaction from a beautiful lawn.
  • Healthy grass acts as a natural coolant during extreme heat.
  • There’s nothing like walking on healthy grass in bare feet in the summer!

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Your lawn, just like your car or your teeth, requires maintenance to maintain top condition. And like a car that gets regular oil changes, maintaining your lawn with regular fertilization will save you money in the long run.

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Naperville Home Landscaping

There are many benefits to fertilizing your lawn that you can’t necessarily put a price on but will provide you with happiness.

Having your kids playing on your healthy lawn provides happiness for you and for them. Your properly fertilized lawn will also be able to recover from play and heavy usage much more easily.

Walking across your healthy lawn during the summer with bare feet through the grass, that’s a priceless feeling that you can only get a few times a year and that you can only get from an extremely healthy lawn.

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There are things you can put a price on though. Ask any realtor if a healthy, thick lawn adds value to a home. Ask them how much a patchy, weed-filled lawn takes off from the price of a home. They can tell you exactly which home will sell faster and for more money.

The maintenance and curb appeal of your property makes a big difference. It’s not even just your home! Well maintained lawns help make your neighbors home values go up as well.

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Your neighbors will definitely appreciate living next to someone who goes the extra mile to keep their lawn looking great. They have to see your lawn every single day and they will love seeing your healthy lawn. Maybe they’ll even be a bit jealous!

Better lawns make for better neighborhoods, and better neighborhoods have lower crime rates. Neighborhoods with healthy lawns and trees are better looking, have higher home values, and are safer. What’s not to like?


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