Why Choose Green Bee Lawn Care?

Green Bee is a locally owned lawn care provider that has made a name for ourselves in the industry with a dedication to delivering quality service and complete customer satisfaction.

Since 2011, we have grown our business by offering consistent service at the same affordable prices.

With our professional, state licensed technicians and the finest and safest lawn care products available, we are devoted to achieving our number one goal of 100% customer satisfaction by providing excellent results.

Why Green Bee Lawn Care

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The Green Bee Difference

Watch this video below to learn more about how our mosquito control services work to protect you and your property from these pests.

Mosquito Control Services

  • Locally owned and operated.
  • FREE Fire Ant Protection included with a full Lawn Care Program.

  • Free Service Calls between lawn care applications.

  • Weed Control is included with every application.

  • Our program automatically includes Insecticide & Fungicide.
  • Customer Service is our #1 priority.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Our extensive lawn fertilization program is proven to create green healthy yards every time. We carefully select the appropriate fertilizer for each season.

There are several reasons why choosing Green Bee as a lawn care provider will greatly benefit your lawn.

The products we apply are safe and effective.

Our organic-based fertilizer prevents turf burn in the summer and contains no unnecessary chemicals, making it safe for people and pets.

Our technicians find the weeds in your lawn and spray them with a selective herbicide that is safe for your grass but kills weeds within 7 to 10 days.

Another benefit to Green Bee’s lawn care services is our dedication to customer satisfaction with quality work and free service calls between applications.

With our quality products and extra attention to achieving the best possible results, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Green Bee Lawn Care

See how affordable Green Bee Lawn Care Services can be!